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Sophia Pileggi Lopez, NCTM a local performing artist and private piano pedagogue both in the Miami Metro Area as well as remotely to students from the Washington, D.C. Metro Area, Miami, Los Angeles, and Scranton, PA.  She has been teaching since the age of 15 , currently maintaining a piano studio of 20 pupils, and is passionate about exposing students of all ages to the joys, rigors, and rewards of Classical piano study.  

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Sophia's Educational Philosophy


    “A speaker in whose speech beauty of language prevails over depth, truth, and passionate thinking is not a very good speaker.” (Neuhaus p.61)

    As a pedagogue my prime objective is the development and nourishment of the human capacity for musical creativity and artistry- in other words to become a great orator of music. This can more specifically be achieved through the perusal and study of the various genres of Classical piano repertoire.


My private studio offers a space for a student, of any age and level, to attend private one-on-one lessons with an experienced instructor. This studio caters specifically to those interested in a disciplined exploration of the piano, its varied repertoire, practice strategies, and performance exposure.

    Providing students with the tools and resources necessary to foster an lifelong enjoyment and continued discovery of music is of paramount importance for one cannot achieve true artistic expression and mastery without first cultivating one’s personal musical identity. Concerts, music appreciation, festivals, community service events, theoretical foundations; and relationship building among students are all tools that help to nourish growth holistically as well as musically. Furthermore, independent and individual thinking will be fostered in the studio; instruction should guide the student to become self-sufficient and convicted in his or her own musical decisions and expression.

    Success will be measured according to the retention rates for students entering the studio as well as exemplary grades in all music examinations, performances, and competitions.

    As both a pianist as well as piano instructor, I have been blessed with mentors, peers, and educators who have walked alongside and challenged me in my own artistry. Such support and instruction helped light the fire of passion and joy that I find in music and inspires me continually to continue creating, learning, and educating others on their own musical journeys.


"My son, Oliver, started piano lessons with Sophia in April of 2020, during the pandemic shutdown.  I thought it would be difficult for him to learn to play a new instrument via Zoom, 

but it worked. Sophia is a very patient, caring teacher, great with kids, and is passionate about piano. She keeps my son engaged and challenged, which can be difficult when you 

are 8 years old. He participated in his first ever recital, and he performed wonderfully. We are so proud of him and grateful for having Sophia as his teacher.”

- Jessica Carranza

"Sophia Pileggi is such an incredible piano teacher to my three girls.  She is the perfect combination of warm and nurturing, while still holding each of my daughters up to fairly high standards and pushing them to achieve their best.  She also has a way about tailoring her teaching style to each of their individual personalities and quirks, which I think is one of the most important attributes of any teacher. Sophia has taught all of my daughters since the oldest was 9 and my youngest was 4!  Initially she taught my girls in-person while she lived in Washington, DC, but we've continued on with her as our piano teacher even after she moved to Miami.  And although we do almost all of our lessons virtually these days, she still manages to keep them engaged, and even help them with their technique (which I did not anticipate would be possible through a screen).  Although piano is not a competitive sport, my daughters are motivated by that sort of thing, and so Sophia has helped us to enter guild competitions, which gives them something to work towards in between recitals (and they all achieved highest marks, which is an independent validation of Sophia's skills as a piano teacher as well!).  I cannot say enough positive things about Sophia Pileggi as a piano instructor - whether you are considering her as an in-person teacher in Miami or as a virtual instructor somewhere else in the country - she is top notch!" - Katie Garvey 

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