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Grand Piano

Policies and Tuition

Musical Notes
Piano Note

Teacher Objectives

       A teacher has the responsibility of providing an atmosphere of learning for the student. As an educator and a musician, it is my goal to provide you or your child with the best possible music education. I hope to impart the love of the art, zeal for discovery,creative spirit, and diligence in practice that has been acquired through my own personal experience and study. If you have any questions pertaining to my teaching methods, or if I may be of help in any way, please feel free to contact me. I may be contacted via e-mail or by telephone between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.


Tuition rates are noted in an attachment to the studio policy. Tuition may be paid in two equal payments for the fall and spring semesters, September 11th and January 8th, or at the beginning of each month. Fifty percent will be due at the student’s first lesson by the beginning of the fall semester and fifty percent will be due at the student’s first lesson in January 8th, 2024. Those who choose to pay on a monthly schedule shall make payment no later than the Monday of the second week of lessons.  A late fee of $75.00 will be assessed for tuition unpaid after the Friday of the second week of lessons. 
         Tuition statements will be sent to the student, or the parent of the student, two weeks prior to the beginning of the fall and the spring semesters. Tuition is not based upon the number of lessons a student attends.  Unless the lesson is cancelled by the teacher, students are generally not permitted make-ups or adjustments for missed lessons. 
         The studio’s year will run from September 4th, 2023 through June 7th, 2024. I will be available to teach 35 lessons throughout the academic year (33 private lessons and two make-up lessons). A $75.00 reservation fee will be due no later than June 30th, 2023. Students who enroll in summer lessons will not be charged a reservation fee. A calendar of student events, lesson schedules, and holiday recesses will be distributed at the first lesson in the fall semester. 
         Tuition includes 33 private lessons, 2 performance classes, as well as special opportunities for the student to participate in festivals, competitions, and master classes. Music purchased for the student, competition fees, audition fees, and fees for master classes are not included in the tuition. Students will receive an invoice for these as they occur, with payment due within 15 days. 
         A recital fee of $20.00 per family as well as a Technology Fee of $20.00 per family will be assessed at the beginning of the Fall Semester. Students who wish to waive their attendance in any Recital will still be assessed a Recital Fee. Fully remote students will not be assessed a recital fee. 

Missed-Lessons/ Make-up Lessons

1) A record of lessons missed by the teacher and the student will be kept on file.
Under normal circumstances, lessons missed by the student will not be made up. Exceptions to this rule will apply on an individual basis and will NEVER apply to any of the following:

  • Lessons missed because of a social event.

  • Lessons cancelled due to the lack of preparation.

  • Lessons missed because of vacations scheduled at odd times during the school year; or

  • Lessons missed due to after-school activities.

2) Lessons missed due to extreme weather conditions will not be made up unless at the end of the spring semester the student will not have had the opportunity to attend 33 lessons.
3) Students may call to reschedule their lesson for a one-time event or for a short-term conflict or activity. The following stipulations apply:

  • The teacher must be notified within 48hours (even more notice is preferred).

  • The lesson must be moved to another time in the same week or the week following; and

  • The teacher will make every effort to offer the student an acceptable time; however, if the teacher is unable to provide an acceptable time within the two-week period, the lesson will be forfeited.

Student Responsibilities

       The assigned time is the exclusive responsibility of the student. He or she is expected to be prepared for the lesson in advance of the lesson time. No lesson will be extended for a student who is not ready to begin on time.

    Assignments and practice have the same priority as homework! In order to achieve proficiency in piano studies, daily practice is essential.
    I will not retain students who regularly come late to lessons or who are late in making tuition payments.

    Students are expected to participate in studio activities (festivals, competitions, and master classes) and are encouraged to attend other recitals and concerts. The following are mandatory for student attendance:

  • One Studio Recital (perhaps two if one is arranged in the Fall!); and

  • Two Performance Classes, which will take the place of a private lesson that week.

  • Two concerts to attend; one in the Fall and one in the Spring.

General Policies

    Experience has shown that the majority of students are more relaxed in the lesson when parents and/ or visitors are not present during the lesson. Therefore, to ensure the best possible learning environment for your child, parents or visitors will not be allowed to attend lessons unless prior arrangements have been made.
    It is assumed that students enrolling in lessons will attend lessons for the entire academic year, as they have already reserved an exclusive lesson time in my schedule. Of course there may circumstances that may cause lessons to be interrupted such as relocation of the students’ family outside the metropolitan area. In such instances, written notice is required at least one month in advance. If notice is given less than thirty days prior to lesson interruption, the student will be responsible for tuition accrued for that month.

    Students maybe recorded or photographed during performances or lessons. Please contact me if you do not wish pictures or videos of your child to be posted on my website or if you have any further questions concerning the matter.
   Appropriate attire for all performances is to be expected of students. Dress pants and collared shirts for the boys and dresses for the girls are recommended. Please no jeans or casual clothing!

   The student’s piano should be tuned at least once a year and kept in a quiet area of the house conducive to focused piano study.

    Parental support is essential in helping the student get the most out of his or her learning experience. Any encouragement or assistance you provide will reap HUGE results!

Summer Lessons
    Tuition for summer lessons will be payable in advance of the first lesson of each month (June, July, and August, 2024). Tuition will be based upon the expected number of lessons in each month. Adjustments for vacation schedules in the month of July and August will be permitted.

    Students will not be charged for missed lessons during July and August provided that they give at least 48-hours’ notice and provided that at least seven lessons are taken during the summer months.
    A non-refundable fee of $75.00  will be charged any student who wants to reserve a time in the fall schedule and who does not register for summer classes.


    The studio will be closed Labor Day, the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, and the Friday following, for two weeks during the Christmas-New Year Holidays, for Thursday and Friday prior to Easter and the Monday following, Spring Recess for one week, Memorial Day, and Independence Day (for the summer students). These lessons have not been included in the tuition and consequently, no make-ups apply.

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