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Online Resources

Theory Games

  • This website provides lessons, exercises, and tutorials related to all levels of musicianship. Topics include note reading, simple and compound meter, and key signatures.


  • This website also provides similar theory exercises geared more toward the intermediate to the advanced student.  One very useful aspect of this website is the article section, which provides analysis, performance and practice strategies for specific pieces such as Bach Inventions.

New York Philharmonic Kidzone:

  • This is a great website for kids to explore all the different instruments that make up an orchestra, the behind the scenes preparation that goes into a performance, and composer related games. I would highly recommend this as kid-friendly and a lot of fun for both parents and students!

Recommended Listening

  • I will be creating a Spotify playlist of some Classical Music for students to listen to for enrichment! The goal is to update it weekly for students to listen to at their leisure. This week's composer is Julian Cochran!

Practice Blogs

Practicing the Piano:

  • This website provides links to articles, technical workshops, and practice strategies for those tricky sections in your repertoire. I would recommend all intermediate and advanced students to this website!

Bulletproof Musician:

  • Always wonder why your memory slips every time you perform? This website provides extremely useful articles, workshops, and lessons pertaining to practice and performance technique. Geared toward the serious intermediate and advanced student and teacher.

Apps for Tablet and Smart Phone

  • Theory Lessons: This app, only for Apple products, offers interactive lessons modeled from

  • Tenuto: this app, especially helpful for beginners, focuses on note naming! ( I have had great success with students who regularly use this!) Also, only compatible for the iPad and iPhone.

  • Staff Wars: this is another note naming game alla Star Wars. Available on all smart devices.

  • Speed Note: note naming and key recognition is great on this app! Available via all smart devices.

Composer Julian Cochran 2023

Composer Julian Cochran (2023)

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